ASMR: The Little Brother Of The Paranormal

Watch as I lightly graze my hand across this delicate patch of silk. Quiver as I sort through this stack of old pennies and attempt to date them. In all honesty I hate acronyms, but the proceeding feelings could not be described better without the use of one in particular. ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is best described as a tingly feeling situated toward the back of the head and neck. Sometimes, this feeling can be felt throughout the entire body, or just certain sections of it, and sometimes the intensity is a simple tingle or as intense as a full-on orgasm.

The acronym and description given to ASMR are really just ways to make the phenomena sound more scientific to those not privy to feeling. It is also important to mention that ASMR is not experienced by everyone. In fact, although it’s not known just how common it actually is, it is thought that the phenomena is relatively rare. Typically, ASMR is brought on by watching people do very specific, menial tasks, or by whispering or speaking softly, sometimes with an accent. Also, soft brushing of hair, gentle tapping and scratching, and rubbing some materials can also bring about ASMR. Before 2010, ASMR was generally an unnamed feeling that many isolated people felt, but were either too scared to admit to or were simply knowledgeable about just how many people actually experienced the phenomena. It was Jennifer Allen, founder of the ASMR group on Facebook  that coined the term and brought about it’s popularity.

You might be wondering why an article about ASMR is appearing on a paranormal informational website. ASMR and the study of paranormal are closely related due to the fact that both are inherently difficulty to study on a scientific basis. The rarity of both phenomena makes them terrible for scientific study simply due to the fact that they are difficult to reproduce in a lab. It’s because of this fact that ASMR has been pushed to the wayside by the scientific community as an idiosyncracy that some people share. It’s also sometimes referred to as a fetish, although I personally find this description derogatory. ASMR is usually not associated with anything sexual. We are writing this article in honor of International ASMR Day. We hope to bring wider attention to this little-known phenomena and hopefully erase some of the stigma attached to it. Brothers have to stick together after all.

A introductory ASMR video

TeamDAPRS Is Here!

That’s right! TeamDAPRS is a new Geocaching team formed by members of The DAPRS. For those who don’t know, Geocaching is a type of outdoor recreational activity similar to scavenger hunts or treasure hunts in which a person hides a cache called a geocache. Geocachers then use GPS technology to find the cache, while using navigation, reason, and stealth to get there.

TeamDAPRS has already placed one cache that is awaiting review by the Geocaching community. Soon, we will begin a paranormal education series of caches that will hopefully educate some people about the role the paranormal plays in society and how to identify misinformation about the paranormal in the media.

You can check out more about Geocaching at and view our team page here. (Be sure to create a free account first!)

The Media Is At It Again!

It seems almost as regular as the setting of the sun that the world news media releases some viral internet picture or video and labels it paranormal in origin. In hopes of raising ratings or simply entertaining, news organizations tend to use stories like these every so often. Not only does it get people to question their reality a bit, but it gives them a much needed break from the doom and gloom preached by the MSM. On the other hand, this reporting of “paranormal news” is detrimental to paranormal research and the paranormal community in general. To illustrate this point, I am going to present several recent news stories that have reached viral status. I will tell you what the media says is happening, then I will tell you what is ‘actually’ happening.

The Siberian Mammoth

This video from “The Sun” supposedly shows a Woolly Mammoth braving a raging river in the freezing climate of Siberia. Now, I realize that “The Sun” is known for sub-par news reporting, but their story has been featured on news websites around the world. I have even seen this video on Cryptozoology sites! So what is the video actually showing? Look closely…

Looking closely, you’ll notice that the supposed trunk of the creature sways completely independent of it’s body. No muscle movement or flesh movement connecting the trunk to the head. Secondly, unless this is a baby mammoth (if it was, there should be a mom nearby) it is way too small to be a mammoth of normal proportions. What we are actually looking at is a bear crossing a river with a large fish hanging out of its mouth. Just as a reference, here is what an actual Mammoth would have looked like.

If You See This.... You May Soon Be Famous!

 The Demon Behind The Couch

Ready to have your spine sufficiently tingled? According to reputable news source The Daily Mail, an image is making its way around the web that purports to show the face of a demon hiding behind the couch. What do you think?

Do You Feel It Yet?

So what is this face in reality? Look closely. You will notice that the pillow  has some frills around its edges that seem to bunch up at certain areas. This bunching is what makes up the ‘eye’ of the demon. Secondly, the facial features of the demonic face are made up of wrinkling on the couch and shadows playing on those wrinkles. Certainly, no demon would show up intentionally for a photo shoot.

These are only a few of the hundreds of paranormal themed news stories that MSM uses as filler during slow news times.  These stories, as I said before, are fine for entertainment purposes only, but they should not be submitted as pure fact as a lot of news outlets have been doing.

Finally, these people who submit the stories to the news organizations have a tenancy to label themselves “Paranormal Investigators.” This is obviously completely untrue, as a true researcher would have opened an image analysis software and could easily see that the supposed demon was simply a play on light and the imagination; and with a little common sense, it can be seen that the mammoth is nothing more than a lone bear trying to make it in life. The news is cramping nature’s style.

The Ancient Astronaut Theory: Explained

What if an alien species visited our planet thousands of years ago? What if all of our knowledge was acquired from them? What if our belief systems are based off of their visitations? What is they are monitoring our every move? It has been said that one should not live life under the shadow of “what if.” If you’re anything like me, you simply can’t help wondering where we came from. This is not an argument for or against creationism or evolution, as both can live happily together. This is simply asking how we got here, how we got to this point, and where we are going.

So, what does the Ancient Astronaut Theory actually postulate? I’ll explain my personal theory below.


Hundreds of thousands of years ago, Homo-erectus roamed the planet learning to use stone tools and fashion clothing from the hides of animals. These were a primitive species. They had no agricultural ability, and therefore no stable settlements. Then, in the cosmic blink of an eye, Homo Erectus gave way to Homo Sapiens, the current version of the human race. What caused this sudden jump? Some Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest that an advanced race of alien beings came to our planet searching for precious elements crucial to the technology of their people. Elements such as Gold, Lead, and Uranium were to be mined extensively across the planet. Of course, there weren’t nearly enough of their people to get the job done. The beings saw an opportunity in the undeveloped, primitive humans  walking the globe at that time. In a strictly industrial manner, the alien explorers began a genetic modification program, merging their own DNA with that of the Homo-Erectus, and then impregnating the Homo-Erectus females with this genetic mutation. Eventually, the Homo-Sapiens were developed, along with their increased brain size, improved body structure, and higher intellect. They were put to work in huge mines, located across the globe.

Eventually, however, another alien race found their way to our planet. This race saw a scientific opportunity in this race of slave humans. In the first sabotage attempt, the intruding alien race gave the humans various skills; taught them mathematical concepts, and introduced them to astronomy. The master alien race was angered by this and waged a huge cosmic war against the intruding race. The intruding explorers were defeated, but seeing as how the humans had already been corrupted by knowledge, the master alien race decided to leave the planet. They took whatever elements they had amassed and left, vowing never to return. The defeated alien race however, was forced to stay until their mother planet could safely send rescue ships to retrieve them.

During their stay on our planet, these defeated alien beings were regarded as Gods by the primitive humans for their knowledge and ability to harness natural forces. The aliens continued teaching the humans various skills and assisted in the building of natural power generators that would harness cosmic radiation and convert it into useful energy that could be distributed globally along Ley Lines. They also assisted in the construction of of monolithic structures that served various purposes including landing strips, energy harnessing, and astronomical devices. Eventually, the aliens were collected by the rescue vessels, and were taken back to their home planet, leaving the human race to develop from the knowledge left by them. The aliens promised to watch over the humans as a global science experiment.

World religions that sprung up during the visitations predicted that the alien “Gods” would return someday to lead the humans again.

There is a lot of information available on the Internet regarding the Ancient Astronaut theory. There is also a great TV series on History Channel that explains some interesting concepts. However, their is also a lot of disinformation out there. This next section is going to disprove this disinformation, so that a clean discussion can begin regarding the validity of this theory.

This Is Not Proof Of Alien Contact In The Past

This Is NOT an alien!

This is actually a picture showing an Egyptian lotus flower in a vase or vessel of some kind. This is commonly shown to be proof of aliens in ancient Egypt. Below is an actualy egyptian lotus flower symbol.

This Does NOT Show Alien Spacecraft

This set of hieroglyphs is commonly said to be depicting alien spacecraft or modern vehicles used in the past. This is simply not true. To quote a very well known site:

The picture of the ‘helicopter’ hieroglyphs has been circulating on the internet for quiet some time. It also appeared in the British UFO Magazine ‘Alien Encounters’. But fact is, the picture of the cartouche you see above is manipulated and altered! The original cartouche, found in the ancient temple of Abydos, Egypt, shows some small differences with the picture dispalyed above.

First, the cartouche in the Abydos-temple is carved into the typical sandstones, that were used to build temples all over ancient Egypt, but on the picture shown in the Alien Encounters-Magazine and on many UFO-minded websites almost looks like it’s bronze or copper.

Then, on the Abydos-cartouche there is a big, visible hieroglyph just next to the ‘helicopters nose’. On the picture above this is strangely absent. What does it tell us, once we look at the original carvings in Abydos? Unfortunately, the explanation is not as fantastic as many might’ve thought. Actually it’s caused by a quite normal procedure that the ancient text-writers handled.

In the days of the pharaos, some hieroglyphics were recarved as time went by. This, re- or over-carving sometimes kept ‘left-overs’ of the old text still visible. Egyptologists know that this was done many times. Well, and that’s exactly what did happen with the carving in the temple of Abydos. No UFO, no helicopter just what you could call an ancient “typo” :-)

This Is What It Actually Is!

This Is Not A UFO!

This painting, among other historic painting, is commonly shown to be proof of alien knowledge among great painters of the past. This is simply not true. Religious imagery of the time commonly showed “portals” to heaven or tears in the sky whenever something miraculous is depicted. This does not portray a UFO, but simply the common belief at the time. This discredit does NOT mean the the belief itself is not based on a cosmic event, simply that the painting itself does not depict a UFO flat out.

It is very important for paranormal investigators and Ufologists to do their research and think sensibly before contributing false information to a serious topic. Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the Ancient Astronaut Theory and what is and is not proof of alien contact.

For More Information: A different theory regarding the Pyramids as power generators.



Psychics, Mediums, Empaths: The Good, The Bad, and The Quantum

This is the first post in a while, so lets just jump right in. First, lets establish that there are a lot of people out in the world claiming to be psychics and mediums. That’s fine and good, but it is important to realize that not everyone has good intentions. Many self proclaimed psychics really are just normal people looking to make a profit off of the paranormal bubble that has grown over the past few years. While it is generally easy to spot phony psychics using simple logic tests, they are getting quite sophisticated and can easily fool someone new to the world of psychical research. With that said, what exactly are Psychics, Mediums, and Empaths?

A Psychic is any person showing (or having been said to possess) the ability to use ESP, or Extra Sensory Perception, to predict future events, discover information, or “tune” into other realities. A Psychic usually uses methods such as divination, tarot, or the so called “sixth sense” to reveal information to those who seek it.

A Medium is any person who acts as an intermediary between the physical world and the spiritual world. Mediums are often associated with the 20th century Spiritualist movement, although Mediumship has grown in recent years with the rise of the so called “New Age Movement.” Mediums can either possess the sometimes burdensome ability to see or detect spirits around them, or they may use specific meditation techniques to induce a state of trance so as to allow the spirit to communicate.

An Empath is any person whose nervous system is wired in such a way that they are highly sensitive to emotional energy, often to the point where the feeling becomes unbearable. Empaths often show strong sensitivity to other types of energy such as sunlight, electricity, and heat.

Let’s learn a bit more about each of these extraordinary types of people.

Are People Born With Psychic Abilities?

Paranormal researchers have shown that many young children between 6 months and 5 years exhibit psychic abilities, especially a very strong psychic bond with the mother. It is said that as the brain develops, either normal biological development or societal conditioning cause the psychic abilities of the child to recede until they are no longer present. Obviously, this is not always the case. No matter the case, it can be said that many of us are born with psychic abilities, but through the conditioning of our parents, teachers, and other role models, we slowly develop into psychically devoid humans. Not everyone experiences this recession of abilities. Some people are encouraged to explore their abilities and develop them; others simply were not conditioned  enough to let go of the brain structure that promotes psychic ability.

How Do Psychics Predict The Future?

This question is somewhat misleading. No psychic predicts the absolute future, as there is no such thing. Psychics are able to tap into that millisecond before all universal possibilities collapse into the one that will actually occur. In other words, Psychics can only give you one possible future. As a human being, you have the ability to choose your paths and make decisions, all of which are guaranteed to change the psychic’s prediction. This does not mean that the psychic was inaccurate, simply that your own actions changed the course of events.

Some psychics use methods such as divination or tarot to attempt to predict future events. The basic method for this is to concentrate all  of one’s energy into the device, therefore causing the device to react.

Can Psychics See The Past?

Psychics that are also sensitive to emotional energy may find it easy to see what may have happened in a building or to an object many years ago. Humans release emotional energy all the time, but that energy is much greater when a traumatic event occurs. This emotional recording of the event is stored in whatever environment or object just happens to be there at the time. Psychics may be able to tap into this stored energy and “play back” the event.

Viewing past events without the use of emotional energy may be somewhat difficult. To view the past, one must first assume that it is stored in some universal variable, and not simply destroyed as each second passes. Some say that time repeats itself in a never ending loop, but this is unsubstantiated at this time.

So Mediums Are Sort Of Like That Kid From “The Sixth Sense?”

Not necessarily. Not all Mediums can physically see spirits. Most Mediums do display Clairsentience, which is the sensing of spirit presence. However in order to truly see a spirit, environmental conditions must be ideal. This is why it is much harder to see a ghost during the day. The sun’s energy overpowers the energy of the spirit.

Why Aren’t Mediums and Psychics Used More Extensively In Paranormal Research?

The answer is simple. It is almost impossible to quantify a psychic or medium’s  experiences. There is no way to gather evidence and no way to substantiate it. As a research group, the DAPRS is actively attempting to obtain credibility for the field of paranormal research within the scientific community. Until there is a way to definitively record psychic and medium data, we simply cannot enter their experiences as evidence.

Is It Hard To Be An Empath?

This, like many things, is dependent on a person’s comfort level. Everyone shows empathy. It is a basic requirement for compassion and inside every decent human on the planet. The problems start occurring when you exhibit higher sensitivity to these feelings. Empaths generally “feel” another’s pain, sorrow, anger, or disgust as if it was their own feeling. This can also work in the spiritual sense, as they may be able to feel a spirits emotional state.

Hopefully this article has helped to shed some light on the subject. Of course, please feel free to submit any questions to our email at


Matrixing: The Real 99%

As was stated in several previous articles, we mentioned that 99% of all ghost sightings, photographs, and videos are simple mistaken identity. We are now going to explain exactly what we mean by that, and what can be done to counter this mis-identification.

We here at the DAPRS believe that most alleged ghost sightings can be easily explained through a simple psychological process that all humans share. Matrixing is the word for the brain’s tendancy to see patterns in completely random visual data. In other words, let’s say that you are staring at a dark hallway in an abandoned hospital. You see a “misty” form develop into what looks like a face. You snap a picture or two, and realize that the picture only adds detail to the supposed face. A good paranormal investigator, before wasting precious battery life, would halt before taking the pictures and realize that an old hospital is filled with dust. This dust is kicked up by the sudden activity in the once empty building. The good investigator would see that his brain is simple forming faces out of the random visual stimuli that is the dust cloud.

Matrixing is the arch enemy of serious paranormal research. It’s no wonder that scientific community is so unwilling to consider our theories. Look at the hundreds of so-called paranormal investigators proudly displaying photos on their blogs and case studies that are clearly nothing more than dust, fog, smoke, or bugs. It’s time that investigators begin the process of weeding out every image that is clearly not a ghost. That means NO cloudy mist figures or strange disembodies mist faces. The only things that the scientific community are interested in are full body apparitions and dimensional rifts that aren’t camera straps.

In order to promote serious consideration of paranormal theories, both the general public and researchers in the community must refuse to by into the garbage seen on the influx of paranormal themed reality TV and instead choose to deny ignorance and develop a standard by which to measure evidence gathered during an investigation.

Just remember…99% of all paranormal accounts are mis-identification. That leaves 1% unexplained. It’s this 1% that researchers need to focus on.

ITC: Instrumental Transcommunication — Technology With A Twist

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1875, after years of research and experimentation. Of course, he knew the technological significance of his discovery as evidenced by his famous words to his assistant: “Mr. Watson — come here — I want to see you.” Unbeknownst to him was the impact on the paranormal world that his invention would cause. For years to come, up until the present day, people all over the world have been receiving phone calls from deceased persons.

The ability for “spirits”, or even our accepted theory of residual energy, to harness electricity as a means of communicating with the living  has been known almost since its initial discovery. Considering that entities are thought to be composed of some unknown or undiscovered form of energy, it is only rational to think that they might be able to affect other forms of energy currently known to us.

Before we go further with this article, it is important to point out a commonly misunderstood paranormal aspect of a very famous inventor. Most people grew up being fed the idea that Thomas Edison was in the the process of developing a device that would allow him to contact the dead through the use of electricity. I am going to dispel that rumor now. Thomas Edison was in fact not developing any sort of technology that would allow him to speak with the dead. He mentioned his beliefs regarding the eternal future of our personalities and memories in a newspaper interview, never expecting them to actually go to press. The excerpt of that article is as follows:

“If our personality survives, then it is strictly logical and scientific to assume that it retains memory, intellect, and other faculties and knowledge that we acquire on this earth. Therefore, if personality exists after what we call death, it’s reasonable to conclude that those who leave this earth would like to communicate with those they have left here. . . . I am inclined to believe that our personality hereafter will be able to affect matter. If this reasoning be correct, then, if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected,  or moved, or manipulated . . . by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, when made available, ought to record something……”

With the Edison legend out of the way, it will be simpler to describe the field of ITC as it stands today. ITC, or Instrumental Transcommunication, is the field of research currently attempting to explain how and why entities are able to harness technology such as phones, televisions, computers, and radios. It is a very commonly reported experience in the paranormal world. The call from a recently dead relative; the computer suddenly “possessed”and typing out a complete conversation on its own; radios picking up phantom signals on stations normally filled with nothing but white noise; TVs tuned to a white noise channel that show phantom images and play strange sounds; all great examples of what ITC researchers are attempting to explain. Of course, as with all of the paranormal world, 95% of the experiences are simple misidentification of known phenomena. That the leaves 5%; what of that 5%?

White Noise deserves a paragraph of its own, considering that it is a recurring aspect of ITC. White noise is the electronic equivalent of white light. It is a flat combination of random analog data. It is basically what you see in the absence of a channel on old analog TVs and what you hear in the absence of a station on the radio. Researchers postulate that white noise is the optimal environment to paranormal entities due to their distinctive electromagnetic wavelengths, and the lack of distinction present in white noise. This lack of distinction allows paranormal entities a foothold in our reality, where a normal wavelength would drown them out. The same effect explains why ghosts are more easily experienced at night. The lack of sunlight (high intensity and uniform energy) allows entities of distinct, but often low level energy to make an impact on our reality.

There are many techniques and devices in use in the field of ITC today. While there are far too many to mention all of them in one article, a few set themselves apart from the rest and offer an interested person a quick glimpse into the theory and application of ITC. A camcorder set up to record a sort of infinite loop is a great way to disturb reality in a particular room. This dusturbance allows entities to grab a foothold and latch onto our reality. A loop is easy to setup by simply setting up a camcorder to output to a TV and directing the camcorder toward the TV. Set the TV output to a device like a DVR or VCR ,and you have an record-able infinite loop. Another device used is called Franks Box. This device has a catchy name, but is actually very simple. An old scan-type radio (A specific Radio Shack model is best) is modified to remove its ability to stop on particular stations. The result is a radio that runs up and down the band continuously, stopping randomly on “occupied” stations. The device is used in similar situations as a DVR in EVP work, where a researcher asks questions and listens for an answer over the box. The theory is that intelligent or residual entities would be able to use radio waves to formulate a specific message.

Finally, there are many paranormal research topics that fall under the broad umbrella of ITC. Fields such as EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena or Paranormal Photography are all simply studies of entities affecting man-made technologies.

It is simple to get into the field of ITC for anyone. It can be done with commonly available technology; it can be done from the comfort of your own home; and results can be classified on a standard scale similar to that of the Hynek Scale (The scale used to measure assumed alien UFO sightings.)

For more information,visit


Trespass: A Review

Trespass is the harrowing breakout work by Chris Gibbons, a Grand Rapids based attorney. Chris describes how he and his family react to the realization that they are accompanied in their recently purchased home by a malevolent spirit. He describes the behavior of the spirit and the lengths the spectre would use to grab hold of Chris’ attention. Finally, he describes the ways in which he attempted to reach out to clergy and shamans for assistance, and the sometimes unexpected reactions he received.

Let’s start with the good. Trespass is a very well-written account. Chris is well educated and knows how to craft a sentence. Once you pick up the book, you will have a very difficult time putting it down. While reading at the laundromat, I found myself enthralled in the book. The clothes had been done drying for over fifteen minutes before I was able to pull myself from the book.

Chris’s account of his paranormal encounter is actually a quite typical scenario. He is plagued by disturbing dreams and strange sounds to begin with. The activity eventually escalates to shocking heights. Paranormal Investigators will quickly recognize the ‘symptoms’ of the haunting and will begin to advise on ways to dispel the spirit. It isn’t until much later in the book that we are shown just what Chris goes through to accomplish this.

Now, for the bad. Throughout the book, Chris describes what he believes regarding the afterlife and the nature of God. Now I know that you can hardly say the word paranormal without conjuring discussions about religion, but I think he may have overdone it a little. I will give him the benefit of the doubt considering that this is a first hand account; he must be able to tell his story how he sees fit.

Overall, I highly recommend Trespass for a good read. Whether you are a paranormal investigate, an amateur ghost hunter, or just a lover of ghost stories, you will remain interested until the very end. Buy it today from

Tools of the Trade: What They Are and How To Use Them

In an attempt to educate the general public about Paranormal Investigation, we are presenting a list of the most commonly used research tools used by investigators. We will describe each tool, how not to use it, and how to use it correctly to obtain the best evidence. Contrary to what they all may say, most paranormal themed TV shows have it all wrong. Read on to learn more.

Mel 8704R EMF Meter w/Red Backlight

EMF Meter (a.k.a Gausmeter)

If ever there was a device that is most associated with modern day Paranormal
Researchers, it is this one. The EMF Meter or Gaussmeter, named after Carl Freidrick Gauss, is a device that detects varying intensities of EMF waves. This intensity, measured in Gauss, is generally a detected by measuring magnetic fields and sensing disturbances in those fields. High levels of EMF present have long been associated with “ghostly” activity.
In our opinion, using an EMF meter indoors in a modern home is a mistake. There is too much possibility for false positives. Even the slightest bit of old wiring, modern electrical equipment, or even certain building materials can be mistaken for a paranormal presence. If indoors, it is generally acceptable to use a KII meter (see below), as this device detects extreme fluctuations only. However, any data obtained from an EMF device indoors should be taken “with a grain of salt.”
There are really only two major choices for use in paranormal studies; single-axis or triple-Axis. While a triple-axis meter such as the “Tri-Field Meter” is leaps ahead in terms of sensitivity and accuracy, it is this quality that makes it a bad choice for paranormal research. It recommended to use a simple single-axis EMF meter such as the CellSensor or the Extech Sper. Keeping the device firmly in your hand, make large, slow sweeping motions in both the horizontal and vertical axis. Not only does this technique allow you to generate accurate data, it also allows you to define a possible “shape” of the magnetic field.

Dual Pocket Thermometer

Ambient Thermometer

If we follow mainstream paranormal theories, then ghosts are beings made of energy. They do not have their own means of metabolizing energy from internal sources. Like a plant, they must draw energy from external sources to manifest. In some cases, the ghost may use the environment’s heat energy to make itself known, thereby reducing the temperature in the area by a noticeable amount. Oftentimes, this amount could be more than a 20 degree difference. Thermometers offer a paranormal researcher a tool to measure these temperature changes, and oftentimes pinpoint where the energy is being drawn from.
Many, many paranormal groups today make a dire mistake when it comes to temperature recording and monitoring. Most groups use an IR Thermometer, which shoots a focused LASER beam at a specific object and records it’s surface temperature. Often, these devices are used for fun to measure the temperature of a car hood baking in the sun, or to detect hot-spots of various devices. The technology in use by the IR thermometer is wrong for paranormal research. A researcher does not wish to measure the temperature of the opposite wall, but rather the air between the wall and the researcher where the ghostly presence is assumed to be. Because IR thermometers shoot a LASER, that LASER passes right by the entity. What is needed is an ambient thermometer or a Thermometer/Data Logger. These devices measure not a surface, but an area.
Using the same sweeping technique as an EMF meter, one would be able to get an accurate reading and discern any possible shapes or forms the “cold spot” may take. In addition to the ambient thermometer, it is preferable to obtain a temperature data logger. This device records temperature and humidity change over a given period of time. It allows researchers to track the exact time that a cold spot occurs, and with what regularity.

Sony Digital ICD-PX312 Recorder

Digital Voice Recorder

Besides an EMF meter, the second device most identified with Paranormal Researchers is the digital voice recorder. The digital voice recorder is the digital equivalent of the old, reliable analog voice recorder we all used in school. Without the burden of tapes and the mechanical whurrs of the motor, a digital recorder is the preferred tool for capturing EVPs, or Electronic Voice Phenomena. A digital recorder allows for easier organization, clearer audio, and less false positives.
As with all digital devices, there is some possibility of digital interference from other devices. There is also the possibility of interference from the devices own internal boards that could contaminate the recording and generate false positives. Also, the human mind is a very complex organic machine, but it is also very persuadable. In a hypothetical test, a  Class C EVP can be heard by twenty different people. At the end of said test, you will receive twenty different versions of what was heard on the recording, as long as the test was kept closed. If one person is allowed to say what they thought they heard, I personally guarantee that everyone else will let go of their own interpretations and magically hear what the announcer says.
A digital voice recorder should always be used with an external microphone. It could be the most expensive microphone available, or it could be a simple stereo mic bought on eBay. Finally, a digital voice recorder should always be used in combination with an old fashioned analog recorder. This allows extra proof; if both recorders pick up the same sounds, then that is double the proof and double the credibility of the evidence. Want to make evidence credibility almost foolproof? In addition to a digital and analog recorder, buy another analog recorder and remove the internal microphone. Do not use any microphone with this device. Start recording on all three devices at the same time. If the same sound is recorded on all three devices, including the one with no mic, you have a bar of gold in your hands.

35mm Film Camera - Nikon SLR

Film Camera
I included film cameras in it’s own category because it has its own special place in a Paranormal Rsearchers arsenal. For decades, film cameras were the preferred method of capturing images of ghosts. At the turn of the century, they were used to create some of the most elaborate hoaxes known in the paranormal community. While they were used for years to fake ghost images, they have more often then not, been used to capture an actual ghost on film. By experimenting with different film speeds, types, and different camera settings, you can optimize your camera to capture paranormal imagery. Unfortunately, volumes can and have been written about the film camera, and how to work it. I will leave this section with just the advice that you go out and borrow as many books on the subject of photography as possible. Learn and research and expand your knowledge.


Canon EOS Rebel DSLR

Digital Camera
Digital cameras have the same complexity, and the same amount of relevant literature surrounding it as film cameras. The major difference between the two are their inner workings and their output method. One advantage of a digital camera is that they can be modified to detect only specific wavelengths of light. One very popular modification is turning a normal camera into a UV camera, thus detecting only UV light. This makes for interesting photographs and could have some potential for paranormal photography. When used in combination with film cameras, digital cameras are a very useful tool to capture an image of the paranormal.




Sony Handicam

DV Camcorder
Regardless of what you might see on popular paranormal reality shows, the camcorder is not and should not be the primary source of evidence. While capturing an entity on ‘tape’ could be used as evidence in combination with other data such as temperature, EMF readings, humidity, and dust levels, simply seeing a formless mist and attributing it to a ghost is akin to feeling rain and attributing it to God’s emotional state.
It is widely accepted that you should opt for a camera that offers night vision. In addition to that, it is recommended you purchase an IR illuminator. The IR illuminator is a small flash-light device that attaches to your camera by means of a special bracket. Instead of normal, visible light, it sports IR bulbs that bathe the environment in Infrared light. This allows your night vision to be much clearer and your evidence more discernible. It is best to your camera as an extension of your own eyes. Don’t move it as though you are filming a documentary. If you come to an area that is known for its activity, be sure to get every crazy angle possible. You never know what you might catch while laying on the floor. Remember, the nature of video cameras makes them very difficult to use as scientific instruments. But when used in combination with other data gathering devices and techniques, it can be a vital component in your arsenal.

Generally, the same concepts and techniques mentioned about DV Camcorders applies with Digital Video Recorders as well. The only real difference between the two is that DVR cameras are stationary. They allow researchers to monitor several areas at once from a central location that is usually outside of the active area. It is important to remember, when using a DVR, to set up the cameras strategically, so that you can make good use of your hundred feet or so of cabling. Also, remember that a DVR requires a power outlet, and may not be practicle for environments devoid of electricity. Otherwise, follow the same rules for a DVR as those for the DV Camcorder.




KII Meter
A KII Meter is really just an EMF meter with easy to read lights. They are more useful than standard EMF readers indoors thanks to their ability to only pick out the strongest EMF readings. Using a combination of colored lights and sometimes beeps, it is very easy to see in pitch black and very easy to use. Many newer models are built with an on/off switch which allows their use during EVP sessions or on stationary objects such as tables or ledges. One great test is to start an EVP session and try to carry on a conversation with a ‘spirit’ Ask the entity to interact with the KII to answer the questions. If you are able to get meaningful responses to the questions you asked, you may be on to something big. The same standards and techniques used for traditional EMF meters apply to KII meters.


Laser Grid Pen
The LASER grid pen is a relative newcomer to the arsenal of paranormal researchers. While not a necessary tool, it is convenient and easy to use. It rules out the possibilities of mistaken identity of things such as dust clouds and humidity. Not much more can be said about it. It’s use is fairly self-explanatory. Aim at a wall, click the on button, aim your video camera and begin recording. If something disturbs the grid, it will be easier to see on a camera lacking IR Illuminators.




Geo Device
A Geo Device is a structural vibration device that picks up the smallest vibrations made to the object the device is sitting on. It lets out an audible alarm whenever the device is triggered.
DO NOT use the Geo Device on or near any object that is going to be anywhere near a human being. Human beings are generally big, lumbering creatures with the tendency to shake or shift objects around them. Because the Geo Device is so sensitive, it can give false positives for the slightest misplaced footstep.
Always place the Geo Device on a stationary object, away from sources of vibration and humans. If possible, sprinkle baby powder around the device to use as a trap. If a person tries to tamper with the device, they will disturb the powder and leave a mark of their presence. Do not leave the device on the floor. The earth naturally vibrates sometimes, as do old houses and other structures. Again, this could cause false positives.


Baby Powder
For such a low-tech, inexpensive tool, baby powder is often overlooked by research groups. IN reality, it is an invaluable tool when used on investigations where ghosts may be interacting with objects in our reality. A light sprinkle of powder around an object that is the center of attention to the ghost can sometimes nab a prankster, or end up creating more questions than answers. Regardless, if anyone or anything tries to make its way through the powder, it’s mark will be left and the researcher will know about it. If the object is interacted with, but the powder is not disturbed, it is still not time to sign autographs. There is the very real possibility that a natural occurance such as wind, building shifting, or home automation (lol) could cause the object to move on its own.



The Compass Store

The compass has been used for many different things for hundreds of years. Only recently has it been used to detect the presence of ghosts. Using the same methods as an EMF meter, a compass detects the Earth’s powerful magnetic field.
Be very sure to do your research before bringing a compass, or any EMF device to an investigation. You may very well be bringing it to an area that is known for natural magnetic field disturbances. Besides creating false positives that can sometimes mimic the behaviors of ghosts, high magnetic field fluctuations can cause hallucinations and uneasy feelings in sensitive people. You may find that your ‘ghost’ is nothing more than a naturally occurring phenomena.
It is best to leave the compass on a table or flat, sturdy surface that will not be moved or shook. Take a baseline reading by ensuring that the compass is pointing to true north. After conducting whatever tests you feel are necessary, see if the compass is acting strangely. If the pointer is spinning or drastically moved, you may have some evidence on your hands.


Le Nain Rouge – The Red Dwarf Of Detroit

Le Nain Rouge -- The Red Devil Of Detroit

Le Nain Rouge -- The Red Devil Of Detroit

Look into the eyes of any native Detroiter and say it’s name. You might see him laugh in your face; maybe reminisce about some past celebration for the creature; maybe even recoil in fear. No matter what the reaction, the simple fact that the person knew exactly what you were talking about is a testament to the power and respect this Detroit legend has accumulated over the years.

Le Nain Rouge, or The Red Dwarf has been a Detroit fixture since 1701 when it supposedly attacked  Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. Pontiac lost his entire fortune soon after the attack. Nain Rouge has been involved, in one way or another, in almost every major Detroit disaster or tragedy. It is similar to the Mothman of West Virginia legend in that it seems to be a precursor of tragedy, or bad omen of things to come. Nain Rouge originated in Normandy, France, although no one seems to know how or when. It is known to be a type of Lutin, or hobgoblin. It seems to have the features of  small child; its red eyes and sadistic smile notwithstanding.


In 1763, Nain Rouge made his appearance in Detroit to foreshadow the Massacre at Bloody Run. It was said he could be seen on the banks of the Detroit river the night before the terrible massacre. Many sightings of the creature occurred just days before the Great Fire of Detroit destroyed much of the city in 1805. Later, in 1812, General William Hull reported a “dwarf attack” in the fog just before his surrender of Detroit in that year. In 1967, a day before the infamous 12th Street Riots, the creature had been sighted by several different people in the same general area. Believe it or not, the sightings of this creature continue up until this very day.

It’s been said that “They’re ain’t no party like a Detroit party…”. That saying rings true when it comes to Nain Rouge as well. Always looking for a reason to celebrate and drink, a communtity driven event in Midtown started a tradition in 2010 when they started a revival of the Le Nain Rouge banishment ceremony called “Marche Du Nain Rouge.”

In 2010, a community-based movement began to begin a tradition of a costumed community parade in the Midtown/Cass Corridor neighborhood. Called the Marche Du Nain Rouge , this event is a revival of an early tradition in the legend of the Nain Rouge. At the conclusion of the parade, an effigy of the imp was destroyed, thus banishing the evil spirit from the city for another year. Each year, parade participants and spectators are encouraged to wear costumes so that when the Nain Rouge next returns, he will not recognize the persons who once again ousted him from the city limits and thus will not be able to seek personal vengeance.

The 2011 event featured a parade followed by the banishment and a party in Cass Park, drawing hundreds of guests.  At both the 2010 and 2011 events, an ad hoc organization calling itself The Friends of the Nain Rouge has protested the banishment parade, arguing that the Nain Rouge is not to blame for the city’s ills and that considering Detroit’s population loss, no one should be banished from the city, particularly those who have been there the longest.

Even Detroit Beer Co. got in on the action. Their signature beer, “Detroit Dwarf”, is based on Nain Rouge.

Like Iverness, with The Loch Ness Monster, Point Pleasant with the Mothman, and Oregon with Bigfoot, Detroit has its own legend to care for and cherish as a part of its rich history. No matter how much our population rises or falls, Le Nain Rouge will always be there to wreak havoc on the city and its inhabitants.